Frequently Asked Questions

  • Keep a constant watch on the new profiles created everyday by logging in regularly and checking the suggestions sent to you. Also update your profile regularly . Choose a premium plan so your profile will be listed on top of suitable matches to any other person who will meet your preferences. Choose Assisted matrimony to get help from a dedicated relationship manager who will be working as your personal agent in finding suitable matches.

  • It's one of the best services that we offer. The plan offers you assistance and support in finding your perfect partner with the help of a relationship manager assigned to you specifically , who will screen the profiles to see if they match your preferences, initiate search, contact the prospects to see if they would be interested in your profile and send you the list of shortlisted profiles, so all you need to do is check the profile and initiate conversation if you are interested. Thereby, you save valuable time screening the profiles, waiting for their reply and initiating the meeting. Plus, you will get an assured number of suitable profiles every month. For more details click here .

  • We have two assisted matrimony plans with varied features for you to select from (Bliss and Bliss Plus) . All Assisted matrimony plans offer you a dedicated relationship manager.The difference will be in the period of service and number of prospects that would be sent to you . Better select the plan with the highest validity period and maximum number of assured profiles. Once you have selected the suitable plan and completed the payment process, you will receive a phone call from your relationship manager. He will guide you through the process of profile creation or any updation, if needed. Further, the dedicated relationship manager will use technology and manual selection for screening potential prospects who would match your expectations and preferences, contact them to see if they are interested and will notify you through your prescribed mode of contact. In short, he will make sure that you find your match as soon as possible.

    Click here if you want to choose assisted matrimony 

  • It's simple. Enter your profile details, (the more information the better) and authenticate your profile with your mail ID and phone number. That's it. Further you would receive a verification call from our Happy wedding agent who would ask you some verification questions and after that your account is active. You can send interest to any other profile only once your verification is complete.

    Click here to create your profile now.

  • You can click this link and have a look at our packages and decide for yourself. The packages differ on the basis of the validity period, number of interests that you can send and availability of a designated relationship manager. Choose one plan that suits you best and you can always upgrade to any other plan by contacting our Happy wedding agents.

  • First of all, our matchmaking system is impeccable! The technologies used will not test your patience. We make sure that all the profiles registered with us are genuine profiles by doing a strenuous inquiry regularly. We do a stringent verification on every profile created in our platform before they are displayed to you.

    Also we make sure that nobody invades your privacy by getting your contact details . Your contact details will be made available to anyone only after you accept their interest or when you have sent your interest to them, ie, when you are interested in them and wouldn't mind them contacting you.

  • There will be a dashboard you can access once you log in. Matches will be displayed there based on the preferences you have entered or on the basis of best available criteria. However, if you wish to do a manual search that's possible too. You can go for an advanced search by setting your specific preferences too by clicking here.

  • There is a notification icon on the top and you can also see them in your dashboard 

  • Yes you can..our assisted matrimony option is highly customizable. Please contact your happy wedding agent for support.

  • There are three options available currently. Normal search, advanced search and ID search. In normal search, your partner preference form which you have filled up earlier will be used to find results. In ID search you can enter a particular Happy wedding ID and search.You can go for an advanced search by setting your specific preferences too, if you are a premium plan member.

  • Yes of course! For us, your privacy matters more than anything else. Even if it's our premium member, they can only send you messages once you accept their interest. Nobody gets your contact details until you have expressed interest in them. Your contact details will be made available to anyone only after you accept their interest or when you have sent your interest to them, ie, when you are interested in them and wouldn't mind them contacting you.

  • First. you have to send your interest to the profile that you are interested in. If the other person accepts your interest, their name will be displayed in the Chatbox and you can initiate chat with that person immediately.

  • Yes, u can. Once you blocked a profile you will go completely invisible to them. Even the chat disappears.

  • It's so simple. Click this link and you will be directed to the plans section. Choose your desired plan and do the payment. Voila! That's it. You can also contact our happy wedding agent to help you with this, by clicking here

  • The moment you did the payment, a computer-generated invoice will be sent to you via email. You can also find the invoice at the payment section in your dashboard.

  • Yes, we do. Check out our home page. We have plans that are budget-friendly too.

  • If you are a free member you can only upload five. But if you are our premium member there is no limit check.

  • Yes, you can! In your dashboard, there is a section of My interests >> Viewed by Me where you can see the profiles that you have visited earlier

  • Once you block a particular person, you go completely invisible. That is like you don't exist at all in this platform, but only for that particular person.

  • Yes, we assure you that the payment gateway on our website is absolutely secure and one of the best in its class.

  • Yes, we have that option. All you have to do is register with us and contact any of our Happy wedding agents by clicking here. Profiles will be sent to your registered mail ID regularly , if you choose an assisted matrimony plan and if you are interested in any, we will initiate the conversation with both the parties.

  • Of course, we have! Please contact our Happy wedding agent and he will fill up all the details for you.

  • Yes. Suggested matches that you come across had already been filtered on that aspect too. (Is it needed) You will have an option to check your horoscope matching with any of your preferred profile by buying a plan here.Click here

  • You can also do account transfer. For further details please contact us here or call us on  +91 471 2700486

  • So sorry you can't. You can only send messages to people who have accepted your interest.

  • Yes. You can. There will be a nearby option in your dashboard meant to showcase profiles near your location.

  • We have 4 plans for you. Happy, happier, Bliss and bliss plus. Click here and find out how they differ? Click here to know what all features they have

  • Yes, you can! We assure you that you will find your match as early as possible. You may hire a designated relationship manager if you want to speed things up and find your partner quickly, by choosing Assisted matrimony.Message us or call us  on +91 471 2700486